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Chinese Knotted Cord - Sea Foam


  • Model: KnottedCordSF

Chinese Knotted Pendant Cord - Mint Green or SeaFoam Green? With a lighter shade of same color accents.

The accent wraps are very slightly lighter than the cord.
How's that for ambiguity? You decide. I've been selling it as SeaFoam, but now that I take a better look, it really probably is Mint Green. In any case, it's a very pretty shade of light green :)

This is the perfect solution for wearing your favorite bead. No jewelry making experience required, just slip your favorite bead onto the strings and tie a knot under the bead... easy peasy.

Cord is approx. 21.25" long (from end to end). Adjustable length to wear at appox. 17.75", 19.25", or 20.75"
The strings you put your beads on are approx. 5"... I'm sure you could replace them with longer pieces of you wanted to.

The little bead "clasp" is glass.

The wrapping and knotting is the same on each cord for all the colors I have.

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